The main supports for our lacquer line in MDF (Medium Denisity Fiberboard) or bamboo.

The first step of the process consitsts of stretching a cotton gause over the support and fixing it with natural resin, in order to increase the rigidity of the object and to prevent cracks. This process guarantees the life-span of our products.

Lacquering then starts with the application of serveral layers of resin called Rhus Vernicifera combined with other components:

  1. Three layers of resin mixed with clay and wood powder.
  2. Followed by three layers with clay and chalk powder.
  3. then two more layers using resin and stone powder.
  4. And finally three last layers of resin only.

After applaying each layer of resin, our scraftmen carefully dry and sandpaper each items. Quality controlled at each step and detailed retouches are done.

The whole process takes several weeks. Each items comes off the production line affter undergoing all stages of this traditional method of making lacquerware and is polished and packed after final qulity control.

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